In the northeastern foothills of the Dawnforge Mountains lies an isolated valley carved out long ago by a huge meteor. The Chaos Scar, as its now known, has become infamous in adventuring circles as no one seems to know how much of its story is true. It’s said that the meteorite affected the land and wildlife around it, and evil creatures and strange aberrations find themselves drawn to the Scar. Many who venture there to discover its secrets do not return, and those that do bring strange stories of a valley-wide conflict and unusual alliances.

Not long after the meteor’s fall, the forgotten ruler of a nearby forgotten city had a wall built at the valley’s entrance in an attempt to contain the threat within the Scar. The King’s Wall still stands today and has mostly succeeded in its goal.

The King’s Wall is just one part of a vast ruin that lies outside the scar. Once a proud city whose name has been lost to time, it was destroyed when the meteor fell. Sitting among the ruins now is the town of Bedlam. Built atop, and for the most part with, the ruins of the city, Bedlam is the closest settlement to the Chaos Scar and is unusually prosperous because of it. Most adventurers seeking to plunder the Scar use Bedlam as a base of operations, and more than the occasional brave trader has ventured there for the wealth of unusual items brought in by said adventurers.

Due to its prosperity, Bedlam has grown into almost as much of a legend as the Scar itself. Traders bring back numerous stories and rumors about the town on the edge of Chaos Scar, but no one is quite sure what to believe. Rumors of a curse that inflicts all those born in Bedlam, stories that the town is secretly ruled by the undead, or that the tortured screams of those that died in the Scar can be heard from anywhere in town have been mostly dismissed as scary stories to tell around campfires, but there are others that insist it is all true.

Cast of Characters:
Larissa, Tiefling Bard
Ella, Half-Elven Warden
Tom McSurname, Human Wizard
Relic, Warforged Sorcerer

Secrets of the Chaos Scar

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