Secrets of the Chaos Scar

Episode 4
Stick in the Mud Part 2 - Death of a Robot

The arrival of the party surprises the small group of bullywugs squatting in what looks to be a library full of mud. Relic proves useful in keeping the creatures at bay so they can be taken out at range by Larissa and Tom, as maneuvering around the slippery floors and fallen bookshelves proves difficult. After the fight, Larissa manages to find a few books that are not beyond repair, and once Tom cleans them off she’s able to determine that one is a treatise on arcane ritual theory written in Primordial, with notes in the margins written in Common. She figures the book could be handy if one were trying to learn Primordial. The other is a simple curiosity entitled Goliath Wedding Rituals, but Larissa thinks it might have a place in the University’s library.

The next room, a mud-choked workshop with shelves lined with warforged parts, houses a pair of giant frogs. They initially seem harmless, but as the party approaches, one of the frogs flicks its tongue and drags Larissa into its open mouth. At the same time, a particularly fat bullywug with a staff calls down poisonous lightning onto Tom and Relic. They unload their spells on the bullywug caster but are swarmed by his minions. The bullywug caster continues to bombard them, and with their healer out of commission, Relic goes down. Tom eventually manages to free Larissa and kill the frogs, and the two of them finally take down the caster, but at the end of the fight, Relic lies in pieces. A search of the workshop reveals that its owner obviously did warforged research here, and Larissa finds a slim journal that seemed to have been written by Voran Earthmane himself. Several parts seem to have been torn out, but there are plenty of notes on how to build warforged. Gathering as many spare parts as they can, they load up Relic’s broken body and head back up to the surface. When they reach the entrance to the ruin, they realize Ella is missing, but her disappearance is quickly dismissed in the light of the current emergency.

Episode 3
Stick in the Mud Part 1 - Getting Dirty

After Larissa recovers from her hangover, she tells Tom that Nyron is looking for samples of bullywug mud, and is willing to pay them to obtain some. Tom tells her about the bandits, but Larissa is determined to help her new friend, so she goes off to find Ella, hoping she will know where to find the bullywugs. Meanwhile, Relic continues searching for anyone that might know something about him. His inquiries lead him to the Temple of All, where he meets the priest of Pelor, and to the Shrine of Ioun, where he meets the Revet brothers. Neither are particularly helpful, but they do point him to the only other chaos sorcerer in town, a goliath named Oneus Earthmane. Oneus turns out to be a bit eccentric, but does tell Relic that he’s been following in the footsteps of an ancestor of his named Voran Earthmane. Voran did dabble with warforged construction, and lived around the time of the meteor’s fall, so might have more information. Oneus offers to give Relic the location of one of his ancestor’s old workshops, in return for the retrieval of Voran’s old staff.

After regrouping, they compare Relic’s information with Ella’s and discover that the bullywugs are probably camped at Voran’s old workshop, and so they set out. They find the ruins tucked away in a desolate little valley not far past the King’s Wall. The walls are mostly gone, and sit among a mire of thick mud that has become a bullywug wallow. The bullywugs don’t take kindly to the intrusion, but the party is able to dispatch them fairly easily. After the fight, a quick search of the bullywugs turn up a crudely drawn map of the surrounding area, but it doesn’t shed any light on their immediate situation. Eventually, searching through the mud they find a trap door that seems to lead to a basement underneath the ruins. Ella elects to stay up top and stand guard, but the rest clamber through the trap door.

Episode 2
New Friends

Relic, still confused about his new whereabouts, wanders around town trying to find something that looks at all familiar. Tom trails after him, hoping to keep him out of trouble, but Larissa returns to the Inn where she meets a charming tiefling named Nyron Darkspell. Nyron is a warlock with an interest in arcane rituals, and he has work for Larissa and her friends, if they are willing. The two spend an enjoyable evening drinking and discussing magical theory, but when Relic and Tom return to the inn later that night, Larissa is nowhere to be found.

The next morning Larissa wakes up with a terrible hangover and a note from Nyron, explaining that she passed out after returning home with him. He also left her a dried flower that she can use to contact him.

With Larissa still nursing a hangover, Tom and Relic continue exploring the town. They visit the Delver’s Guild, where a stocky dwarven woman named Frieda Skullhammer explains the tenets of the Guild and offers them membership. The price for lifetime membership is usually 500gp a person or 1000gp for an entire adventuring company, but she is willing to offer trial, month-long memberships for 50gp each. Neither of the men have the money, and realize they should probably try looking for work. With no leads and no access to the Delver’s Guild job board, they decide to try tracking down The Brothers Grey, a group of bandits whose leader’s face graces Wanted posters all over town.

They meet a trader in the square named Pung who has encountered these bandits and learn that they mostly target traveling merchants near the King’s Wall. Some careful bartering allows them to procure clothing and packs fit for traveling merchants from Pung and they set out towards the King’s Wall, hoping to look appetizing. The bandits take the bait and attack, but the new partners work well together and start making quick work of the group, so the bandits start retreating. Tom and Relic are careful to leave no survivors, but note the direction the bandits tried to run. Some quick scouting after the battle leads them to believe the Brothers camp lies to the north of the King’s Road, but they decide to wait for backup before assaulting it.

Episode 1
Uncovering Relic

We meet Tom and Larissa, two scholars from the University to the south. Larissa has been assigned to travel to the Chaos Scar in order to retrieve any information she can find related to the goliath sorcerer Voran Earthmane. She has also been asked to compile a report on the rumors surrounding the Scar.

Tom, a professor at the University, travels with her, having taken a sabbatical in order to pursue planar research in the Scar. Larissa’s father, a long-time friend, has also asked that he keep an eye on her. Tom has secretly also been asked to approach the wizard Megoras, an alumnus of the University living near the Scar, about donating to the school.

This episode opens with the pair arriving in the town of Bedlam, the closest town to the Chaos Scar. While at first put off by the undead guards, they waste no time exploring the town, getting lodgings at the Good Lich Inn. Thinking they might need a guide when they eventually venture into the Scar, Larissa finds a half-elf named Ella offering such services. Ella starts showing the pair around town, but when they reach the famous warforged statue in Duelist’s Cross, it suddenly comes to life and starts slinging spells at anyone nearby. The three easily manage to knock out the suddenly living warforged, but the guards insist on bringing them all to see the mayor. The mayor, a lich named His Honor Mayor Avellin, interrogates the warforged but quickly learns that it remembers nothing. He entrusts the warforged, named Relic after the nameplate on its statue, to the care of Tom, Larissa and Ella, making it clear that if he causes trouble they will be held responsible.

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