Secrets of the Chaos Scar

Episode 1

Uncovering Relic

We meet Tom and Larissa, two scholars from the University to the south. Larissa has been assigned to travel to the Chaos Scar in order to retrieve any information she can find related to the goliath sorcerer Voran Earthmane. She has also been asked to compile a report on the rumors surrounding the Scar.

Tom, a professor at the University, travels with her, having taken a sabbatical in order to pursue planar research in the Scar. Larissa’s father, a long-time friend, has also asked that he keep an eye on her. Tom has secretly also been asked to approach the wizard Megoras, an alumnus of the University living near the Scar, about donating to the school.

This episode opens with the pair arriving in the town of Bedlam, the closest town to the Chaos Scar. While at first put off by the undead guards, they waste no time exploring the town, getting lodgings at the Good Lich Inn. Thinking they might need a guide when they eventually venture into the Scar, Larissa finds a half-elf named Ella offering such services. Ella starts showing the pair around town, but when they reach the famous warforged statue in Duelist’s Cross, it suddenly comes to life and starts slinging spells at anyone nearby. The three easily manage to knock out the suddenly living warforged, but the guards insist on bringing them all to see the mayor. The mayor, a lich named His Honor Mayor Avellin, interrogates the warforged but quickly learns that it remembers nothing. He entrusts the warforged, named Relic after the nameplate on its statue, to the care of Tom, Larissa and Ella, making it clear that if he causes trouble they will be held responsible.



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