Secrets of the Chaos Scar

Episode 2

New Friends

Relic, still confused about his new whereabouts, wanders around town trying to find something that looks at all familiar. Tom trails after him, hoping to keep him out of trouble, but Larissa returns to the Inn where she meets a charming tiefling named Nyron Darkspell. Nyron is a warlock with an interest in arcane rituals, and he has work for Larissa and her friends, if they are willing. The two spend an enjoyable evening drinking and discussing magical theory, but when Relic and Tom return to the inn later that night, Larissa is nowhere to be found.

The next morning Larissa wakes up with a terrible hangover and a note from Nyron, explaining that she passed out after returning home with him. He also left her a dried flower that she can use to contact him.

With Larissa still nursing a hangover, Tom and Relic continue exploring the town. They visit the Delver’s Guild, where a stocky dwarven woman named Frieda Skullhammer explains the tenets of the Guild and offers them membership. The price for lifetime membership is usually 500gp a person or 1000gp for an entire adventuring company, but she is willing to offer trial, month-long memberships for 50gp each. Neither of the men have the money, and realize they should probably try looking for work. With no leads and no access to the Delver’s Guild job board, they decide to try tracking down The Brothers Grey, a group of bandits whose leader’s face graces Wanted posters all over town.

They meet a trader in the square named Pung who has encountered these bandits and learn that they mostly target traveling merchants near the King’s Wall. Some careful bartering allows them to procure clothing and packs fit for traveling merchants from Pung and they set out towards the King’s Wall, hoping to look appetizing. The bandits take the bait and attack, but the new partners work well together and start making quick work of the group, so the bandits start retreating. Tom and Relic are careful to leave no survivors, but note the direction the bandits tried to run. Some quick scouting after the battle leads them to believe the Brothers camp lies to the north of the King’s Road, but they decide to wait for backup before assaulting it.



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