Frieda Skullhammer

Leader of the Delver's Guild


A stout dwarven woman, Frieda has long, braided brown hair and a slightly lined face. She’s almost always chewing on a cigar but never seems to light it. Her large silver hammer is never out of her sight, and she spends most of her free time polishing and cleaning it.

Frieda is very matronly to her guild members and loves to hear their stories. Many will bring her back trinkets from their travels but she rarely accepts the gifts. Despite all of this, she is a shrewd businesswoman and not easy to take advantage of. She likes to make sure her members are properly equipped for what they’re doing, but she’s not going to give equipment away for free.

She keeps an iron-fisted monopoly on adventuring gear. Since many traders rely on the treasure the guild members bring back from the Scar, none are interested in crossing her on this matter.


Frieda has led the guild since the old guild master died over 30 years ago on an adventure abroad. His ghost still inhabits the guild and keeps the place clean, but never speaks.

She will occasionally leave the guild for days at a time without telling anyone where she is going. So far she’s always come back.

Frieda Skullhammer

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