1I - Elves of the Valley

If the party doesn’t stumble across the ambush looking for Ironleaf, the mayor may eventually ask them what they know about rogue elves.

The spot is one that Ironleaf used to use to trade with elves and eladrin from the Feywild. The Voice in the Darkness is a Far Realm entity that has inhabited and warped the tree that holds the Feywild portal. Destroying the VitD returns the portal to its natural state, and the surviving elves allow the party use of it in gratitude.

Anise’s panther will not attack Ella’s panther. Anise will be surprised at the presence of another fey panther. Anise may be a long-lost relative of Ella.

Eyes in the Forest: Phystal is carrying 10gp and a healing potion, along with 3 poison arrows that may get used in the fight. Each sniper also has three poison arrows.
Voice in the Darkness: A fallen branch of the tree has been infused with psychic power from the abberation and is now a Staff of Sleep and Charm.
VitD: Anise has a Potion of Feyspeak and his panther is wearing a Familiar’s Baldric.
VitD: There are several small coin purses at the foot of the tree, some spilling out. The coins total 1500sp, 3000cp.

1I - Elves of the Valley

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