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Your biggest motivator right now is money, as you all have reasons to stay in this town and need money to do so, as well as income to pursue your various personal projects. Since there’s a fair amount of work for adventurers in the area, you’ve been taking jobs where you can.

The jobs you currently know of:
- Finding Tarthis Ironleaf. His daughter will pay you for any word of his whereabouts.
- Disrupting the Cult of Torag. Mistress Issumel, the priestess of Avandra at the Temple of All, will pay handsomely to see its destruction.
- Finding reagents. Both Nyron Darkspell and Megoras will pay for warp crystal and residuum.

Questions your characters may or may not be pondering:

- Is the town of Bedlam really cursed? Why?
- How are you going to avoid paying your taxes indefinitely?
- Why the hell is the mayor asking after you?
- Why did Pung go totally nuts?
- Why is some random guy attacking you out in the Scar?

Main Page

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