Secrets of the Chaos Scar

Episode 3

Stick in the Mud Part 1 - Getting Dirty

After Larissa recovers from her hangover, she tells Tom that Nyron is looking for samples of bullywug mud, and is willing to pay them to obtain some. Tom tells her about the bandits, but Larissa is determined to help her new friend, so she goes off to find Ella, hoping she will know where to find the bullywugs. Meanwhile, Relic continues searching for anyone that might know something about him. His inquiries lead him to the Temple of All, where he meets the priest of Pelor, and to the Shrine of Ioun, where he meets the Revet brothers. Neither are particularly helpful, but they do point him to the only other chaos sorcerer in town, a goliath named Oneus Earthmane. Oneus turns out to be a bit eccentric, but does tell Relic that he’s been following in the footsteps of an ancestor of his named Voran Earthmane. Voran did dabble with warforged construction, and lived around the time of the meteor’s fall, so might have more information. Oneus offers to give Relic the location of one of his ancestor’s old workshops, in return for the retrieval of Voran’s old staff.

After regrouping, they compare Relic’s information with Ella’s and discover that the bullywugs are probably camped at Voran’s old workshop, and so they set out. They find the ruins tucked away in a desolate little valley not far past the King’s Wall. The walls are mostly gone, and sit among a mire of thick mud that has become a bullywug wallow. The bullywugs don’t take kindly to the intrusion, but the party is able to dispatch them fairly easily. After the fight, a quick search of the bullywugs turn up a crudely drawn map of the surrounding area, but it doesn’t shed any light on their immediate situation. Eventually, searching through the mud they find a trap door that seems to lead to a basement underneath the ruins. Ella elects to stay up top and stand guard, but the rest clamber through the trap door.



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